4-year-old boy loses his parents to covid-19 and the local community will organize a special birthday party to show him that he is not alone


According to U.S. media reports, Raiden Gonzalez, a boy from Texas, was only four years old, but within months he lost two parents, Mariah, a victim of COVID-19. And Adam.

His father, a truck driver, tested positive for coronavirus on June 3 and died in the hospital on June 26 at age 33. Raiden’s grandmother, Rozie Salinas, said the doctor said Adam was one of the most serious patients they had seen.

His wife Mariah, a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher, died suddenly on October 5, hours after she began to feel ill. «She was taken by ambulance on Monday at 9 p.m. and by Tuesday at 8:15 a.m. she was gone,» said Raiden’s great-aunt, Margie Bryant. Mariah experienced shortness of breath and chest pains at night and died the next day of pneumonia and acute respiratory failure.

At the end of the month, Raiden, who lives in the city of San Antonio, celebrates his birthday and his grandmothers want to show him how much they love him by organizing a special party with a parade of dinosaur-themed vehicles.

A local fire department, several monster truck clubs, motorcyclists and classic cars will participate in the event, planned for November 28. «It’s a historic birthday. We just want [Raiden] to know that we will be there for all of his birthdays and make sure he celebrates,» Bryant said.

Raiden now lives with his grandmother Rozie, who advises everyone to take the threat of the coronavirus very seriously. «You hear about the deaths, but you never hear about the people who stayed, and in this case it’s a four-year-old. (…) He’s always thanking me for taking care of him, but I just have to think about him. It’s a difficult situation to process,» says Salinas, Mariah’s mother.