Jump Alert: Covid-19 circulates in the city and they’re swabing asymptomatics


Information provided to Salto Día shows that the situation of the pandemic in the department is aggravated and could be complicated not to take the mediates that from the beginning many who irresponsiblely underestimated the virus.

In Salto circulates the disease and many asymptomatic are being swasped. Since the pandemic began, the department was one of the few with active or severe cases of the disease, but now as we were informed, the virus would be importing and circulating in the city.

In the last few hours a woman who was going to have an operation in Salto, was detected coronavirus and the question would be how is it contagion and where?.

Following the active case in Salto, the authorities would be monitoring epidemiologically to establish the contacts the woman had in the last few hours.

In the face of the risky situation that lives leap, it is recommended to release the measures imposed by the government, not leave their homes, use water cover, maintain personal and home hygiene as well as the use of gel alcohol.