President Lacalle Pou received The President of Argentina in Anchorena


At noon on Thursday, November 19, The President of the Republic Luis Lacalle Pou met with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, in Anchorena. Taking this opportunity, they exchanged views on bilateral, regional and Mercosur issues. Leaders believe this is an important example of defining common interests.

The meeting was attended by Uruguay's Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo and Argentina's Ambassador to Uruguay, Alberto Iribarne, Lacalle Pou and Fernández.

Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo revealed to the media the details of the meeting between Argentine President Alberto Fernández and Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou. He mentioned that Fernández arrived at anchorena's ranch around 12.30pm, where he shared a friendly lunch with the president of Uruguay.

The representatives discussed the regional situation and the bilateral relationship in a climate of reunion because, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exchanges had been only virtual.

According to Bustillo, they shared each country's experiences in health or border aspects. In this regard, it stated that Uruguay managed the effects of the pandemic successfully and that Argentina was significantly reducing the number of contagions.

In addition, they exchanged on other topics in general, including the Paraná-Paraguay waterway and the Uruguay River. They talked about the situation in Mercosur, business opportunities with the European Union, China and, eventually, with the United States.

They also shared their concerns, experiences and generality of all bilateral relations, with particular attention to the final meetings between the countries of the region and the African continent. In addition, they are committed to working together to strengthen the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. Bustillo stated that there are many tasks to be solved and problems developed, and there are still tasks to be completed, although no specific meeting has been arranged, there will be intensive previous work with their Argentine counterparts and embassies in the two countries.



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