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Barbijos, oxygen and more medical supplies were found in a container in the Port of Montevideo


In March, the Ministry of Public Health reported on the discovery of a container at the port with medical donations, made from Canada, at the request of the Rotary Club.

The medical supplies recovered were 4,036 N95 mouthguards, 8,400 mouthguards with chin strap (beards) 3,024 pairs of latex gloves, 2,000 oxygen masks, robes, sheets, syringes.

As for the sanitary material, it was retained due to MSP regulations requiring the establishment of "traceability", according to the previous government, which was not met in this case.

In recent hours, a new container with medical supplies was discovered, which has been in port since 2017.

According to an article by Pablo Fernández for the newspaper El País, the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) was the entity that detected the "forgotten" container.

There were breathing masks, masks, oxygen tubes, syringes, inflatable mattresses, sheets, geriatric chairs, stretchers, disposable aprons, nebulizers and other medical supplies in that container, the morning said.

The Director General of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Social Development, Nicolás Martinelli, told El País that these materials have been recovered amid the reorganization processes of the ministry. He said they found a closed file for four months in a ministry office.

After going to the port, they found the container, took an inventory and were surprised that this fact was not mentioned in the transition.

This container is also a donation from the Rotary Club of Canada to Cotolengo Don Orione Male. As the tax-exempt process was postponed, it was decided to donate it to Mides due to the costs of keeping the container in port for a long time.

Martinelli urgently launched a "exhaustive" administrative investigation to find out about delays in these donations. He assured that the disciplinary responsibility of those involved will be assessed and that the employees who participated violated the Civil Service Code of Ethics.

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