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Snake bites inquiries are growing after what happened to a girl in Chuy


This weekend, a four-year-old girl with Down syndrome was bitten by a snake crossing (Bothrops Alternatus) in the Chuy.

As Rochaaldía reported, the event occurred on a farm located in the Isolina Gómez neighborhood of Chui (on the Brazilian side). The girl took the snake, which had entered the house, and the animal bit her in the chest.

Her father took her to Chuy's hospital and from there she was transferred to the emergency in the city of Rocha. Once there he decided his transfer to Montevideo. She was seen by on-call doctor and pediatrician, given anti-ophilic serum and is stable.

Alternatus Uruguay, a reptile hatchery, made public communication after this fact. "Between yesterday and today we received many concerns about this case; today we particularly note that in the face of broadcasting in the national media there has been great panic in the country, which has uneded all kinds of reactions that we understand to be counterproductive for both our national herpetofauna and the community at large," said the breeding ground, which then provided "objective information about it."

"We understand that it is very distressing to learn that a girl as young as 4 years old and with Down syndrome is 'in danger of death' from a venomous snake. It is an issue that certainly mobilizes and concerns us, giving us the feeling of being vulnerable even inside our own home, but it is important that we do not lose our minds and keep in mind that this case is under control and that the baby, when receiving treatment in a timely manner, is out of danger," Alternatus added.

"The mother of the girl indicated that she was excellently cared for in the first instance at Chuí Hospital, where she was drawn blood and given the indicated treatment with anti-ophilic serum. We also communicated with the medical corps of Pereira Rossell Hospital, where she was later moved and we were informed that the girl is stable, out of danger and currently under observation," she added.

Alternatively, she reported that in Uruguay 100 cases (approximately) of accidents of office are reported annually to the Ministry of Public Health, of which between 60 and 70 correspond to species with poison of medical importance, more specifically yarará (Bothrops pubescens) and crucera (Bothrops alternatus) "The case of this girl is one more of them. No one has been dying for this cause for 34 years," Alternatus says.

"We remember that we have a community-wide provision of measures to prevent snakes from entering their homes, what to do and what not to do in the event of an accident, how to prevent accidents of office and what we also provide the courses of identification of poisonous snakes in Uruguay and handling of risk situations, to know how to act on an encounter with a snake in a closed environment such as our home or workplace" , noted the hatchery, which made available amateurs who have made in this regard.

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