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Cubans without apparent enabling title, rent truchos practices in Uruguay


Just as the professionalism of Cuban ophthalmologists is on trial today, without wanting to enter into the particular debate of the case, today the news is another.

Cubans who disembark in our country, without documents, without having the title validated in UDELAR (fundamental requirement), and perhaps without having the title in their country, rent offices per hour where they do not ask for ANYTHING at all to practice. Simply pay for the hours worked. They lack companies and ratings, in order to raise, and gullile patients who, by paying a few pesos less, fall into the hands of uns qualified people. We also have information that some even attend home.

There are dozens of professional clinics and dentists, including Cubans who have taken the steps to validate their phDs, but as in all areas, there are those who do things wrong.

The owners of the offices that rent by the hour in buildings so as not to be exposed, leave available to these people even Saturdays and Sundays during day and night, without asking them to demonstrate their suitability or qualification to exercise.

These ghost offices can be identified as mostly Cuban-serviced apartments, without receptionists, and do not have posters that identify the particular clinic, but are generic. It is better to find out that the place has an open time and is registered as a company.

There are several dentists and entrepreneurs who are meeting to formalize the criminal complaint with the data collected from both the alleged dentists and the owners of the offices that are rented per hour.

The complaint includes offices on July 18, Brandzen, Soriano, Carlos Roxlo (Centro), Navarro (Batlle Park), among others in diverse neighborhoods such as Malvín, La Blanqueada, Pocitos, Colón, Unión, Lezica, etc.

They call themselves doctors (Sánchez, González, García, Cruz, Martínez, etc). The usurpation of title is a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment.

Director's Response:

No doubt that what you are expressing to us is something very delicate and as you well said, it includes several criminal offences.

If it seems to you, we find ourselves personally and you point out more details, in order to be able to investigate in depth what you express and be able to make new publications more accurate on this subject, which I do not doubt is real.

Write Jorge Bonica El Bocón.

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