Inicio National New strains of Covid-19 detected new strains in Uruguay

New strains of Covid-19 detected new strains in Uruguay


Authorities of the Ministry of Health (MSP), the University of the Republic (UdelaR) and the Pasteur Institute in Montevideo will be held on Thursday a press conference to report on the 'Results of THE Molecular Genomics of COVID-19 in Uruguay".

As reported by the MSP in a statement, scientists will also provide details on the work done together by the institutions and on the results of ongoing research.

Against this, the newspaper El País reported that one of the new variants of the Brazilian coronavirus strain was detected in four patients in Uruguay. According to the morning report, the disease 'has spread through southern Brazil for three months' and has entered our country through Rocha and Rivera.

Msp sources confirmed to the Montevideo portal that these strains found are not the 'Manaus' strain, also recognized as the 'Amazonian' strain, and the world is concerned and researching.

In addition, MSP sources said that some variants of coronavirus had already been found during the pandemic. What will be done tomorrow is a 'Methodological statement of these findings and a report on the newly found strains'.

With that in mind, they indicated that a Brazilian tribe could be found, but not the Amazon. "It's a variant of the genome. It is not something that significantly changes the epidemiological situation of the country and is not alarming," they said.

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