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Google Maps: Follow mysterious young man and find her in unusual scene [FOTOS]


A girl became the last protagonist of Google Maps after being captured in a friendly scene that aroused amazement in thousands of users.

Incredible find. Thanks to Google Maps cameras, a young man sought a direction on the streets of Ukraine, without imagining that along the way he would capture a strange woman, zoom in and discover her in a friendly scene that went around the world. The images became trending, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

A young tourist revealed these images on social media and baffled thousands of users.The motive?While the boy noticed the presence of strange ladies, after following them with Google Maps he took a tremendous surprise, which has left thousands with his mouth open. Read on to stay on top of everything.

Google Maps has become one of the most used tools of recent years. This is because an extension it has allows us to virtually navigate through several cities around the world. The tool has become so popular that several users tour certain places and find strange findings.

A young tourist took a tour of the streets of Romny in Ukraine and took a tremendous surprise to see what Google Maps cameras managed to capture there. The young man noticed the presence of two friendly young men and decided to follow them to see where they were going. Zooming in with Google Street View was shocked.

As revealed in these images that are viral on Facebook, Google Maps cameras managed to capture the exact moment a child 'levitated' through the air.

Don't you think so? At the top of this post we leave you the images that Google Maps managed to capture. As you can see you can see the exact moment when a naughty boy tried to surprise his family and performed a 'trick' to be able to 'levitate'.

The images revealed to us that the little one hit a fence and thus was able to take off from sleep and be in the 'airs' for a limited time. The curious scene was captured by Google Maps and after being shared on Facebook went viral.

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