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Meet the man who held the jewelry owner hostage


Nicolás Demirdjian Silva was imprisoned, 42 years old, has three criminal records and 10 investigations for various crimes: this Wednesday he arrived at a jewelry store to steal money, and finally the owner took hostage and participated in one of the police cases of the year.

Demirdjian Silva's first record was in March 2007, when he was sentenced to prison in a trial. He was also prosecuted for the same crime, but in August 2013 and October 15 he was again charged with a crime of private violence, although this time he was not sent to prison.

Demirdjian Silva's criminal record also has another 10 indefatorias between 2005 and 2019 for various crimes such as theft, domestic violence, defamation and smuggling.

The man had already appeared on television as in October and November 2008 he chained himself in front of the Family Court and in front of the Supreme Court of Justice to claim the shared possession of his three children.

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