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MSP recommends not going out to order candy for Halloween


The Ministry of Public Health (MSP), through its Children's Program, advises parents and family in general not to go out and order candy with children, as is often done on Halloween night. They also advise, of course, not to throw parties.

"The night of witches is celebrated on October 31. While it is not a traditional festival in Uruguay, in previous years it has been an opportunity to do dances, meetings and groups of children accompanied by adults to ask for sweets," the statement says.

"This year, when the date falls in the middle of the pandemic, it is important that other forms of celebration other than any of the above are found," adds the Children's Program.

"It is essential to remember that to track cases epidemiologically, when a positive Covid-19 person is found, knowing the contacts is essential. Going out to party in groups, contacting strangers to win a candy can open a front of contagions and contacts that makes it difficult to control the country's health situation afterwards," msp concludes.


The MSP Children's Program further recalls that children "infect and become ill with little Covid-19," so it is not advisable to close schools. When that measurement is taken in a timely manner by a coronavirus focus in a school or lyceum.

"Decisions made at the health level are based on the scientific knowledge accumulated in these eight months of pandemic. The scientific evidence analyzed by the Pediatric Honorary Scientific Advisory Group indicates that the closure of schools are not effective measures to slow the progress of the pandemic," the statement states."

"Children get little Covid-19 and in most cases are found, by studying the epidemiological thread, that for every child positive for the Covid-19 virus, there was an adult in the home who already had the disease," the MSP adds.

"By closing schools, children can interact with other actors who may be risk groups. The authorities shall be the ones who, assessing each particular situation, consider the option of the transitional closure of a school. Information circulating in networks is often confusing, so the value of what evidence has shown is important," adds the Ministry's Children's Programme.

In this regard, the authorities recall that "it is essential that children and adolescents maintain the health checks that are scheduled (whether in person or by telemedicine) and receive their immunizations, always recalling that it follows the objective of avoiding crowds".

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