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Never say never: an American couple had a baby after giving birth to 14 males


For Jay and Kateri Schwandt, the fifteenth was the overdue one. After giving birth to 14 males, this 45-year-old American couple finally fulfilled their desire to have a daughter.

"We are overwhelmed with joy and very excited to welcome Maggie Jayne into our family," Father Jay Schwandt told local newspaper Detroit Free Press after the baby's birth on Wednesday night.

Weighing 3.4 kg, her daughter was born in a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. "Maggie is the best gift you could expect," Jay Schwandt added.

Kateri Schwandt with her first daughter. (Photo: kindness MLive).
Kateri Schwandt with her first daughter. (Photo: kindness MLive).

The mother, Kateri Schwandt, warned in 2014 that the possible arrival of a daughter would create a "shock" in the family, which has its own online reality show 14Outdoorsmen (14 men in love with nature).

A love of youth

Jay and Kateri, both 45, met in high school and their teenage courtship resulted in a large family full of surprises.

According to M Live, the couple did not want to know the sex of the baby in any of their pregnancies.

His 14 children are between the age of 2 and 28: Tyler, 28; Zach, 25; Drew, 23; Brandon, 21; Tommy, 18; Vinny, 17; Calvin, 15; Gabe, 14; Wesley, 12; Charlie, 10; Luke, 8; Tucker, 6; Francis, 5; and Finley, 2.

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While the couple always had a dash of hope of having a baby, they hadn't even talked about potential names. "We never imagined this would really be possible," Jay Schwandt told MLive. "You know, after 14 babies, we assumed that maybe it wasn't meant to be."

In June, Kateri Schwandt joked with local media: "There's enough testosterone in our house to fill a stadium."

"This is our fifteenth baby, so obviously we've been through that, but it feels like we're starting over. We were completely shocked, but very excited," Jay Schwandt said radiantly.

The father expressed pure joy at being able to share his love for the outdoors with his first daughter. "She'll play hockey, play basketball, get dirty, climb trees, hunt," he said. It is also projected in the future and is being taken to its first dance. "I see myself in 14 years, " he said with a laugh.

Asked if they think about having another baby, the Schwandts emphasized that they are "very excited" by birth, but that they feel that 15 children could be the final number for them.

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