Inicio Last Moment Pandemic: this is the latest report on the situation in Salto

Pandemic: this is the latest report on the situation in Salto


The Departmental Directorate Of Health Leap presented today's current status Friday, April 10, about the coronavirus health emergency. The authorities continue to request the collaboration of the population especially with an emphasis on staying at home.

The statement states: From the Departmental Directorate of Health Salto we communicate that in relation to epidemiological data on the pandemic, we will refer to the report given since the Presidency on the 20th hour for the whole country and the SINAE communiqués that are updated daily.

As for the local situation, we report no new positive cases are reported today. The 9 patients we report evolve favorably, under health surveillance. There are three people recovered.

Internment beds and CTI are available in both providers. Today, at the national level, 681 analyses were processed, with 664 negative and 17 positive results.

Since 13 March, the day the health emergency was declared, 6856 tests have been processed, with 6383 negative and 473 positive results. So far there are 7 people who have died of the disease.

The affected apartments are 13: Canelones, Colonia, Flores, Lavalleja, Maldonado, Montevideo, Paysandú, Río Negro, Rivera, Rocha, Salto, San José and Soriano.

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