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Severe: Heat wave in Jump and UTE does not meet demands for electric voltage increase


The heat wave affecting the whole north of the country has caused most of the inhabitants of this area to resort to air conditioners and fans in order to mitigate the high temperatures that are recorded during these hours.

A group of neighbors from the Arralde, Parque Solari and Gallino neighborhoods have reported in Salto Al Dia that UTE as usual does not increase the electrical voltage for those places and causes electrical appliances to not work.

"The air conditioners are cut, they don't cool down, I have bigger peronas in my house that need to cool off and the appliances don't work and the fans do it at low speed," said one neighbor.

It seems UTE, knows this reality because every year the same thing happens but according to the neighbors, officials do not "deign to go to the plant" in order to increase the value of the voltage.

The truth is that at a time when the heat affects Salto, UTE has not yet been able to solve a situation that causes harm to those who pay their bills month by month.

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