Government doubles the value of the Uruguay Social Card again


"We continue to pay close attention to the social situation and the health effects on the most vulnerable," Minister Bartol said after meeting with President Luis Lacalle Pou and the economic team. I expected a "fourth duplication" of the amount to be available. The Uruguay Social Card, the Family Plan for the Capital Plan and other measures aimed at vulnerable people.

On Wednesday, President Lacalle Pou met with the holders of the Ministries of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche and Social Development, Pablo Bartol, and the holder of the Office of Planning and Budget, Isaac Alfie, in the presidential residence of Suarez.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic on the generation of resources for informal sectors and the review of support instruments was the focus of the meeting, Bartol reported.

The official announced that they will continue to support the population sector for which a "fourth duplication" of the Uruguay Social Card and the family capital supplement will be carried out, in half, in the other weeks of November and December. In addition, the transfer of food baskets will continue for both months. The extent to which the delivered units already exceed 1.1 million.

Bartol noted that President Lacalle Pou summoned the portfolio in his charge to conduct a survey of popular pots to help support the most vulnerable sectors of society.

"We continue to pay close attention to the social situation and the health effects on the most vulnerable people who are not protected by formal workers, to see how we can continue to support them," he said.

"What the government wants most is to be close to people suffering from this external circumstance, which means they don't have access to formal work," he added.

The beneficiaries of the Uruguay Social Card are 87,000 and those included in the family supplement of the Equity Plan, 192,000 If their family nuclei are take into account, the universe includes 800,000 beneficiaries of these special policies. The people who are registered to receive baskets are 310,000 over the age of 18, who are in the informal sector and do not have access to benefits.

The representative of the Ministry of Social Development recalled that the inland census had ended and that it had already ended in Montevideo, to learn more about the situation of the homeless. He said a "more comprehensive" survey was conducted last week to learn about aspects of people living in the ministry's shelter.

The information obtained will serve as input to improve the care model. He said that 30% of people who go to crisis rooms are treated in a different way, because in the previous period they arrived at night and now go 24 hours, mainly adults with diseases. Also incorporated was the care housing, a system with capacity for 60 people.



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