Grandma posted 334 erotic photos of her 11-year-old granddaughter


A 63-year-old woman took 334 pornographic photos of her 11-year-old granddaughter and shared them on the Internet.

These events have been repeated for several months this year. According to sources, in some images the child was naked or showed sexual positions, while in others, she was asleep when she was photographed.

Grandma he he he also undressed and asked the minor to take pictures of her. In addition, he also recorded a video in which two people appeared and spread among their contacts through chat.

This video was watched by 14 people before the company blocked it, the Prosecutor’s Office detailed before the Criminal Court.

The girl’s own mother received it and immediately went to her mother’s house and found the woman locked up in a room with the girl. He took the child and filed the complaint with a police section.

When questioned by her daughter, Grandma said she filmed the girl as a joke and by mistake the video was broadcast on a social network.

On June 8 of this year, the 6th-turn sexual offences prosecutor Mariana Alfaro ordered Grandma’s arrest.

In his account he said he sent these images to a 43-year-old man with different abilities living in Puerto Rico. «I sent those images to make life easier for that man,» Grandma told the DA.

Uruguayan justice requested Interpol’s cooperation to verify that the girl and grandmother held videoconferences with the man.

After the seizure of Grandma’s phone, it was found that the woman attempted to delete the photos. However, the photographs found and recovered totaled 334.

Finally, the criminal judge Marcelo Souto sentenced Grandma to two years of pre-trial detention and nine years of probation for repeated sexual abuse, the manufacture of pornographic material and the dissemination of pornographic material showing images of a minor.

Psychiatric expertise concluded that he had «total discernment» and that he «has the capacity to understand the illegality of his actions.»

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