Salto Police works on possible homicide in Barrio La Tablada


At 14:00 today the Unified Command Center of the Headquarters takes knowledge of the entrance to the Salto Regional Hospital (H.R.S.) of a man wounded with a white gun, who was surgically surgery.

Personnel in the light of the case learned that the injured man was a 30-year-old M.L.A.D. initial man, domiciled in 19 April at the height of 2600, who died at 15:50 in the local nosocomio.

Primarily by indication his father of initials E.A. of 56 years, it was known that next to the 12:00 hour he was given notice that his son was wounded with a white gun by street April 19 in La Tablada neighborhood, so he attends immediately and takes him to the H.R.S.

He works on clarifying the personal case the Chief Investigations Unit in conjunction with the Turn Prosecutor's Office.

News in development that is being updated…


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