He handed himself a criminal who held a woman hostage for more than 7 hours


After more than 7 hours of intense negotiations, the offender who kidnapped the owner of a jewelry store in downtown Montevideo was handed over.

The woman was cared for by firefighters and «was not injured.» She was discharged from this place. As we reported, around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday there was a heist at a jewelry store near Cologne and Vazquez in downtown Montevideo, and a 911 call was made.

When a police cell arrived, it could be found that a man attempted to steal jewelry with a .38-caliber revolver and was threatened upon seeing the police presence hostage, taking the unit hostage hostage.

According to the news of the Ministry of the Interior, the man was about 40 years old and showed an «emotional imbalance». Police managed to establish multiple contacts with the criminals, said his name was «John» and committed a robbery because «his relatives, especially his son, were in trouble.»

The woman reportedly had high blood pressure and needed medication, this was negotiated with the perpetrator of the heist. In the end, after 7 hours of negotiations, the man asked the police for help. He was transferred to a health center for injury verification, and will be handed over to the judiciary today.


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