Drought: Big Leap Dam is in the biggest deficit in its history


The chairman of the Joint Technical Committee of Salto, Carlos Albisu, said that the Salto Grande dam has a «history of water deficit».

«It’s the biggest deficit in Big Jump history. It happened in April of this year and happens again in October and November. We are with the lake at 32 and a half meters, when the usual is about 35», he told the journalist Miguel Nogueira.

«In this case the circumstance is because of the low flow that comes today. Both in the upper, medium and low basins it has not rained. It passes in the Paraná, on the Uruguay River,» Albisu clarified.

The circler warned that the outlook for the next quarter is «unrelenting.» «We have had meetings with rice and sugarcane growers, because many producers drink water. 10% of the dam’s capacity is generated. Today it’s with two turbines at a minimum, which are rotating, but it’s low,» he added.

«Just as in a flood the dam manages and tries to mold the flood, here it does but with this deficit. Let’s hope the forecasts aren’t as severe,» he said.



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