The government will deport «anyone who is not allowed to be in the country,» says Lacalle Pou.


On Friday, President Luis Lacalle Pou referred to the complexity of controlling people entering the dry, semi-dry borders for the government.

The representative spoke in particular of a couple of Brazilians who were expelled from the country after having entered the country by car, without performing the migration checks or the negative swab required.

"That's how we're going to do with everyone who isn't allowed to be in the country," Lacalle Pou said in Tacuarembó. "We have to take care of ourselves, it's not changa the thing, " he added. The president said the world and the region are complicated, "then we're going to take care of the Uruguayans."

Lacalle Pou derailed changes to the border-closing decree that prevents tourists from entering the country. "It's so clear and it seems so simple that if we do that we're going to be fine," he emphasized.



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