They tried to kidnap a minor in Salto while waiting for the bus


In recent hours a woman arrived at a police unit complaining that her underage daughter left school in Barrio Burton and under circumstances waiting for the bus, at the stop on Manuel Oribe Avenue and Martín Elizaincin Street, a gray car to her, driven by a man who invited her in and explained that her mother sent him to look for her.

The young woman, realizing the intention, refused to enter as police sources reported to Salto Al Día.

Subsequently and around the 15th hour, Police personnel are referred by Central Bureau of Operations to Avda. Rodó at the height of number 600, where a gray car was sighted that would be making signs and inviting minors passing through the area.The police reportedly and according to the police side, managed to locate a car with similar characteristics that subsequently let it withdraw.

Surely in the next few hours there is official information about this serious fact as the information provided by the press office is not clear, as it is not known whether they captured the alleged kidnapper or what has happened about it.