Uriarte: «I apologize from the heart I was wrong in the expression»


"The amount of abigeate is almost similar to femicides," was the expression of Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries Carlos Maria Uriarte, which generated controversy.

The Secretary of State's comparison of the "All Voices" program and in dialogue with journalist Daniel Castro received criticism from all sectors.

"It would be important for the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries to apologize to these sayings in times of emergency to femicides," Vice-President Beatriz Argimón wrote.

Uriarte himself apologized this morning and said it was not his intention to compare these crimes.

"When Daniel Castro asks me about abigeate, I made a mention of the number of cases and only referred to the number of cases to compare the crimes that have grown. I never intended to value crime in the same way. They are incomparable and I am an absolutely sensitive person to femicides. I sincerely apologize," Uriarte said in dialogue with Radio Carve's Así Nos Va program.

"It is not and will never be in my intention to make these crimes comparable and I apologize to all those women and men I offended with my sayings," the Secretary of State reiterated.



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