Uriarte denied Argentine media that Uruguay exported meat with Covid


The Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Carlos María Uriarte, came out at the crossroads of an article published by the newspaper La Nación de Argentina that indicated that from Uruguay meat infected with Covid-19 had been exported.

On Friday, news broke that the Argentine Health Service had reported that a shipment of beef originating in Argentina had been detected in China with Covid-19.

And that the positive result had been given after a nucleic acid test that had been performed on external shipment, emphasizing that the beef was in very good condition.

It was also noted that this was an isolated case and that it was the first time that it had occurred in products of Argentine origin, although it had occurred in shipments of meat from other countries, and there the newspaper La Nación named Uruguay, as one of those that had had this inconvenience.

Faced with this information, Minister Uriarte on his Twitter account published the article of the Argentine media, noting: "Fake news what is contained in this article. To date, meat of any kind exported from Covid-19-infested Uruguay has not been detected."



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